As the owners of a Grand Champions Villa, we've had reason to search the web for useful information on Maui. While there are good Maui guide books (and we recommend Maui Revealed, 5th Edition), the internet has information that's hard to obtain in other ways.

Some links are helpful for trip planning; others (like the weather sites) are useful if you have your computer with you on Maui—and our condo includes free high-speed internet access. Here are some links we've found useful for our guests staying in Wailea:


The Shops at Wailea


The Wailea Blue, Gold, and Emerald courses

The Wailea Tennis Club

Restaurant Menus

Menu Magazine (a south Maui sampling, just to get you looking)

Maui Menus Online (more ad-based listings)


Maui Calendar of Events

Maui Film Festival at Wailea (June)


For photos of many of the sights and activities on Maui in general or Wailea specifically, see the Maui's Sights or Wailea's Sights pages on this website.

Trilogy Maui snorkel tours

Molokini Snorkeling Boat Trip (the closest departure from Wailea)

Whale Watching Boat Trip (the season is generally mid-December to mid-May)

Haleakala National Park

Biking Down Haleakala (one of several tour operators)

Maui Ocean Center (Aquarium)


Maui has some of the most unchanging, wonderful weather anywhere, so it may seem odd to list so many weather sites. But if you can plan your trip up to the 10,000 foot Haleakala volcano when the weather is clear at the summit, a boat cruise when the sea is calm, or just have an idea of the average temperatures you're likely to experience, your vacation could be just a little bit better.

Maui Climate by Month (trip planning information)

Maui Weather Report and Forecast

Current Visible Satellite Photo for Hawaii (daylight hours only)

Current Infrared Satellite Photo for Hawaii (works night and day)

Current Radar Image for Hawaii

Live Web Cam from Haleakala Summit


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